What we do.

The association Deutsche Model United Nations e.V. (DMUN) encourages political education with regard to the United Nations and vocational training since 2003.
In order to fulfil this purpose, DMUN e.V. hosts, amongst other projects, the two largest German language Model United Nations Conferences, Model United Nations Baden-Württemberg (MUNBW) in Stuttgart and Model United Nations Schleswig-Holstein (MUN-SH) in Kiel.
In these large mock UN conferences pupils and students simulate different bodies of the United Nations and thereby become familiar with the setup, functioning and system of international politics”. DMUN e.V. is registered as a non-profit association at the district court. By helping young people to grasp international politics and the problems we are facing we want to encourage them to get involved in shaping tomorrow\’s world.

As one of the leading organizations in non-formal UN education we are accredited both to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Department for Public Information (UNDPI) and participate in official UN discussions.

Who we are.

Our association has over 200 members actively participating in our projects and creatively putting forward the process of non-formal UN education. We are mostly university students with some members still in school or already employed.
Our members are an invaluable resource. Every single member has gained plentiful insights, not only concerning the UN but also into the planning and organization of large-scale projects.
As a group of motivated young peoople we are always willing to learn and looking for new challenges.

Support us.

There are many ways your company, foundation or individual person can contribute to the United Nations education process.

From placing your logo on our webstite to sponsoring an entire event, there are diverse opportunities to present yourself at our conferences. These include manifold opportunities to directly interact with our participants. It is both possible to support a single project or the work of the entire organisation.
It is our wish to work together with you as equal partners, ensuring benificial outcomes for all involved parties. We look forward to accomodating your individual wishes.

We greatly depend on individual contributions. You can be assured that we operate on a non-profit basis and fulfill all legal requirements for your donation. All contributions will directly effect the specific purpose of individual projects and the fostering of education.


Paul Walczak


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